Copying a link - Alfafan {P}
There were some instructions in the BR a couple of weeks ago about copying a link directly into the forum. I can't find it, so can anyone repeat the instructions or point me to the link please.

Copying a link - Mark (RLBS)
Go to the page you wish to link to. Using your mouse, highlight the entire URL from the address bar at the top. Click ctrl-c.

Go to the backroom, start your reply, when you want the link click ctrl-v and it will paste the link in.

That\'s it.

Oh, but if the link is the first thing in your reply, it won\'t work. So make sure that there is at least one space or word at the beginning of your note before the link.

Clear enough ?

Copying a link - Alfafan {P}
Thanks Mark
Copying a link - eMBe {P}
and if the link is too long, first go to

where the instructions are self-explanatory.

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Copying a link - wemyss
Thanks for that MB its excellent..

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