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I'm selling my Mum's car for her - a Citroen. It had a new battery fitted last year, which apparently caused the odometer etc to go from miles to Kilometers. She did not notice, and, when the local dealership MOT'd the car in September,they didn't notice, and they put in the km mileage, some 20,000 higher than it should have been! I have just pulled all the details together to try and sell the car, and have realised what has happened. Now I have changed the car back to show Miles, it looks like it's been 'clocked'. What on earth can I do? I understand the MOT certificate details can only be corrected within 7 days of issue....

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I think all you can do is explain what's happened to any prospective purchasers. You could get a new MOT done now showing the correct mileage in miles, but the "Km" certificate would still show on the MOT history file if anyone did a search.

VOSA won't change their records, I'm afraid.

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Agree as above.A new certificate will show the last 3 previous mot mileages (if applicable).Check this ;


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