Clutches and delivery drivers - midlifecrisis
The workshop that looks after our cars was puzzled by a number of clutch failures on newly delivered cars. They decided to check an Omega as soon as it was delivered. They found the clutch burnt out to the point of failure.
It transpires that the guys loading the vehicles onto transporters have been holding them on the clutch, causing the damage.
Something to think about when you pick up your new car.
Clutches and delivery drivers - Dwight Van Driver
Are these delivery drivers with new cars on Trade Plates still disconnecting the speedo cables so that when they reach the showroom zero miles are recordeded????

Clutches and delivery drivers - Pete F
Not many cars have speedo cables these days. There are usually complications in disconnecting speedos, so the answer is probably 'no'.

Manufacturers often give the facility to reset odo to zero after car is delivered. There are restrictions on how many times it can be done and from what mileage.


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