Knowing your oil from your elbow... - Dan J
An interesting question came out of the oil and filters thread by steveb which I thought deserved it's own thread.

Is there an easy way to tell what type of oil, as in mineral/semi/synth, is in your car? I'm talking perhaps smell or say, reaction when mixed with something. Particularly immediately post service.

Reason being, could you tell if the dealer had put in semi-synthetic instead of fully which you'd paid for/your car required?
Knowing your oil from your elbow... - Vansboy
Certainly with the cold weather we've had, if you had samples of say, old 20/50, 15/40 & 0/40 you could feel the thick/thinness, of them.
Otherwise, can't see how you would tell.
Knowing your oil from your elbow... - THe Growler
Here it is customary to show you the containers of the oil which has been used along with your old filter, but of course that does not prove anything.

How about you provided your own oil and instructed that be used?
Knowing your oil from your elbow... - bafta
Growler 'you're 'aving a laugh!' You wouldn't really believe that if a pinoy showed you a tin in Manila this would have any connection with what had gained admittance to your sump. I think that I would even be wary if I watched coming out of the container myself.
Knowing your oil from your elbow... - THe Growler
Bafta (LOL) Talaga alam mo ng Pilipinas, na!!?? Sussmariaosep!
That's why we never have an enviro problem here with disposing old used oil di-ba? Sell it to jeepneys naman! Biro-lang, sori po.

I'm talking Ford main dealer and Honda Motors Alabang: they are very particular. Interestingly I think it's their Pinoy customers who actually demand this. Guess it takes a Pinoy to know a Pinoy/Pinay! of course what the asawa's nephew atBong-Bong Motors does for you (pamily discount, hon!) we can't say. I love the sign on a local workshop on Sucat Road here in Paranaque which says proudly "We Fix Your Car For Keeps"!! I'm sure they do.

All I meant was as the customer if you are concerned why not exercise a bit of control over what oil you want in such a way as you can verify your wishes have been carried out. Tama na, sobra na.

PS Oy Gising! don't forget the 14th! You know how Filipinas are about this.
Miss it and the least of your worries will be what oil you've got in there!

Knowing your oil from your elbow... - bafta
Growler, liked your posting. It brought back happy memories. I loved the asawa's nephew at Bong Bong Motors. Its so true, and 'we fix your car for keeps' could easily have read, 'we keep your car till its fixed.' I have to say that I am always impressed by the Pinoys skill with a hot torch. Is there anything that he can't bend, shape or manufacture? I have taken to heart your reminder about the 14th. You are indeed a wise man! Love to Growlette, Barry
Knowing your oil from your elbow... - THe Growler
Indeed. Paint as well. Commonplace to see resprays done out in the open air in the Philippines, and perfectly. I've had a guy beat out dents and retouch metallic paint on a car in my drive way in an afternoon and you couldn't tell the difference. "Saire, tapos na, please park it in de sun now so it can bake".

Craftsmen are still alive here and they can fix/make anything at a fraction of the cost of new. Mind you he'll take his time, may go off for his merienda and forget to come back for 3 days then reappear with a huge grin as though this was quite normal. My daughter in UK says it's like that there too with the British Gas guy but you don't get the grin!

But we speak of oil not this. I think far too much fuss is made about engine oil. It's all good, the manual tells you what grade to use, when to change it. Follow that and what's the problem?
As my Harley mechanic says "hey bro let's not get anal here, it still looks brown, stop worrying, leave it til it goes black then call me".
Knowing your oil from your elbow... - bafta
Yes,Growler, I agree. We musn't digress too much. I also agree with your comments about oil. Its mostly good these days; it does a good job considering what it has to do and it gets rid of the muck which will, inevitably, appear in the sump. As HJ repeatedly advises, the trick is to change it regularly. In view of the relative cost between a few litres of oil (even the best), and the cost of new engine parts I am a bit surprised at how much time and energy some people devote to saving a few pence on engine lubrication (see recent threads). I do what you suggest, buy my own and my local garage does my oil and filter changes because he has a ramp and I don't. Long ago, I got over the thrill experienced as the warm oil flowed towards my armpit.
Knowing your oil from your elbow... - THe Growler
It all boils down to (or at least I hope it does'nt because minerals oils break down around 250F) as has been endlessly repeated here by wiser men than I, HJ in particular: use the right grade, any good brand, change it often and change the filter. It's all you need to do.

Pay even more attention to your tires: they have a greater role in your total motoring experience.


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