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Sorry Mark - can't get into DA II so I've started this one to enable me to post and respond.

My last post was 17.07 today on DA II and I don't know what was posted after that. If it's important can anyone copy that info/ feedback here please so I can read it. Ta all.
Disciplinary Action II - The Sequel - mark
Hi Volvoman

From my experience of having to review cases similar to this where managers are sometimes acting from other motives there are a number of options and possible consequences.

Firstly use of the internal disciplinary procedure may effect a situation whereby Mrs V is absolved of any wrong doing but bear in mind she may still be working in the same store with the same line of command all of whom are unlikely to feel well disposed towards her especially if they have been disciplined themselves. However the procedures you have access to might suggest that if those responsible are guilty then they will be sacked this may not be a consideration

If the company where she works is a large chain it might be that either Mrs V or one of the miscreants can be transferred and a clean slate established. You would know better than I whether or not there are other branches nearby.

To achieve this you need to go into the Head Office structure at a senior level and request a review. The words harrasment, victimisation, bullying, being treated differently due to her nationality should appear many times in your reasoning for a review along with all the shortcomings you have spotted with regards to the application of procedures in this case. This is normally enough to frighten most middle managers who will lose sympathy with whoever has caused this case to occur and are more likely to be even handed in their review for fear these allegations are not diminished. If you find yourself being supported or moving to exoneration you can then open up the subject of transfer for one or other parties as a possible resolution.

I am not sure what you mean by the external route, if you mean tribunal or court I would get some professional advice as given Mrs Vs limited length of service you will find the reasons for invoking the tribunal/court may be limited to cases of discrimination due to race or constructive dismissal.

From what I have seen any attempt to take such an external route is unlikely to ever reach either location as no large company wishes to be associated with the sort of press this brings. If you look at the profile of those that do end up their they are usually smaller businesses who have been poorly advised or are a company where the HR manager thinks he is Napoleon.

Ultimately this may not end up as a quest for justice more a opportunity to get revenge, for invoking accusations of this type(albeit from what you have said ones that are fully substantiated) does tend to raise the stakes for the loser.

as ever


Disciplinary Action II - The Sequel - Mark (RLBS)
You tell Mrs. Volvoman from me, that if she gets any compensation out of this she better be buying you a computer so that you can access the long threads rather than hassling your poor, hard-working, abused, misunderstood, long-suffering, yet strangely good-looking, moderator who would much rather be drinking vodka and watching the television instead of moving threads every which way in and out of various threads simply to make it easier for someone who is reading the internet with their television instead of following the more normal course of watching programs with it thus giving me a headache.
Disciplinary Action II - The Sequel - Mark (RLBS)
p.s. that fax is more than 20 pages - serves you right.
Disciplinary Action II - The Sequel - THe Growler
Ooooh Mark I love it when you get masterful...... :-)
Disciplinary Action II - The Sequel - volvoman
Hi Mark thanks so much for your help in all of this - both in the BackRoom and privately concerning this issue and of course 'bouncing bunnies' ! It's much appreciated !

Thanks also for the 'mother of all faxes' - I spoke to Hugo again last night and have already thanked him for passing the info to you. It's funny that Hugo was suggesting I get a second PC for internet use - do I smell a conspiracy ? :-)

I won't clog up this thread with any more 'thank-yous', you know how much this has all meant to us !
Disciplinary Action II - The Sequel - volvoman
Thanks for the advice/ feedback Mark. Mrs V will appeal the decision and see what happens.

Depending on the outcome, the grievance procedure may follow. I think it's time for her to join a union. We have the paperwork already. The logic being to ensure she has some protection when she returns to work and is involved in the appeal etc.

The prime mover in all of this was due to move to a larger store fairly shortly anyway so Mrs V won't have to deal with her for much longer, hopefully. Of course there will still be great distrust on her part though because the manager will still be there. Incidentally, there was an earlier incident in which the manager was rude to my wife as she served a customer but the person involved is a sort of acquaintance and although he offered to complain to HQ about the manager's behaviour, my wife and I felt it wasn't worth the hassle at the time.

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