Ford Fiesta 1,4TDCI - Bad Fuel Leak - inventor

Bad Leak from fuel pipes feeding injectors. 3 year old car 26,000 mls only full Ford Main dealer service from new. One lady owner from new.

Bad fault on banana branch feed pipes, getting common fault diagnosis from trade.

Any recalls from Ford that we should have seen ?

This is very small milage to be forced off the road by this.

Build quality seems poor, am awaiting Fords responce.

Any demon advice ?

Ford Fiesta 1,4TDCI - Bad Fuel Leak - skidpan

If its 3 years old even the Ford warranty should fix it, doubt they could say fuel pipes are "trim".

If its 3 years and a day the best of luck, you will need it.

Ford Fiesta 1,4TDCI - Bad Fuel Leak - bathtub tom

What work has been done on it recently?

Ford Fiesta 1,4TDCI - Bad Fuel Leak - MrEckerslikefromRamsbottom

The Ford dealer repaired the leaking fuel pipe on my first Fiesta 1.4Tdci under warranty. As I drove away, I noticed the fuel gauge going down rapidly. The rear-view mirror showed a trail of diesel on the road behing my car. I just got back to the dealer before the tank ran dry, and dumped the rest of the fuel on his car park.

That was a few years ago and I assumed that, since there are numerous reports all over the Internet of leaking fuel pipes on this model, that Ford had improved the quality of the pipes by now. Perhaps a bad batch of pipes has found its way into Ford's cars? I wonder if we'll see more reports?

But they won't 'keep on' failing if they're repaired properly and fastened down to stop them vibrating. The usual failure is near to the priming bulb, and this causes fuel to drain back to the tank whilst parked, so that the car won't start again. My second Fiesta suffered a crack in the plastic pipe due to the priming bulb vibrating because it hadn't been fastened down - a plate was missing which should have fastened it to a bracket on the side of the air-filter housing. A local garage fixed this by cutting the pipe at the crack and using a length of 'standard size' fuel pipe, warmed up in a mug of hot water, which he slid over the Ford pipe. The chap pointed out that the Ford pipe is just a bit narrower than the standard size pipe which you buy in the shops. Anyway, I went 'round the engine bay, strapping down anything which could move and since then and another 80K miles (total milage now 174K) there have been no further problems.


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