Toyota GT86 (2012–)

What's good

Electronic differential is standard. Mechanical Torsen diff (for competition and for drifting) is optional.

What to watch out for

28-11-2014: Complaint of Toyota GT86 flattening its battery when left standing for a few days. After 18 months the battery could no longer hold a full charge and needed to be replaced. Could be the common Toyota ailment of the interior light dimmer switch remaining live. If you have this problem, switch the interior light off completely at the light itself.

9-1-2016: Another complaint of Toyota GT86 regularly driven distences flattening its battery when left standing for 2 weeks. Apparently due to the post-production fitting of a Thatcham compliant alarm/immobiliser system that is not always fitted correctly. Apparently when owners complain, Toyota is replacing 45A batteries with 65A batteries.

22-1-2017: Brand new Toyota GT86 supposed to be delivered 6-1-2017 not delivered until 16-1-2017 due to problems with transmission linkage. This then failed again on 23-1-2017 giving buyer statutory right to reject it under Consumer Rights Act 2015. Also had problem with battery connection.

4-4-2019: Report of 2012 GT86 Automatic with 60k miles stalling several times and running rough. Toyota dealer can't find the fault.

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