Honda HR-V (2015–)

What's good

Highly practical and versatile thanks to 'magic' seats.

Strong i-DTEC diesel.

Five star Euro NCAP rating: 86% adult occupant safety, 79% child occupant, 72% pedestrian safety and 71% safety assist.

What to watch out for

No driver's lumbar support available.

Not available with four-wheel drive.

Drivers expecting sportscar performance won't get on with the CVT-7.

Sport model is an odd fit.

5-9-2015: Honda dealers want £225 for a 17-inch space saver spare wheel and tyre kit. A full size 17-inch wheel and tyre will not fit the wheel well.

14-8-2017: Complaint of original front tyres of Honda HR-V wearing significantly by 12,000 miles. Recommended swapping front to back and lowering the cold pressures to 2.1bar all round.

20-8-2017: Report of whine from manual transmission of Honda HR-V 1.5 i-VTEC. Dealer dismissed it as a "characteristic". Complaint of hesitancy when pulling away after a cold start. May be due to the quality of fuel being used. (Later turned out to be a piece of insulation missing from the body structure in the vicinity of the transmission.

6-10-2017: Report of engine failure of 2016 Honda HR-V 1.6 i-DTEC at 21,000 miles. Dealer replaced the cylinder head to no effect. After 13 weeks with the dealer the car was returned with a new engine. It transpired that "two of the main couplings joining the crank shaft to the engine in the big end cap were not fully done up. The resultant vibration/movement had cause wear and hence the noise."

19-3-2018: Report of Garmin satnav in new HR-V more than 3 years out of date, not showing fixed speed cameras, and not showing speed limits.

19-11-2018: Report of stop/stasrt failng on a Honda HR-V 1.6 i-DTEC. Dealer bettery tester showed 75%, a level at which the very clever charging circuit would prevent the auto stop working. Owner told to drive some more. When fault persisted he returned for further investigation, and the resulting test indicated a battery test of 75% charge and a recommendation to change the battery. Convinced this was the problem, they changed the battery even thiough a further test with the same battery trester still showed a 75% charge on the new battery. The fault still remained and owner arranged another visit, having studied the battery test printouts, with a suggestion that a more in depth investigation was required. This they did, with a software update and re-initialisation of the stop-start software, which, up to now, has fixed the fault.

23-1-2019: Report of front suspension of 2015 Honda HR-V having become rattly.

26-2-2019: Report of "shocking" build quality of Honda HR-V 1.6 i-DTEC bought new on a PCP in 2016. Off the road for 13 weeks before it was 2 years old and had to have a new engine.

29-4-2019: New Honda HR-V EX purchased end January 2019 developed a loud knocking noise when it went over a bump within 30 days. Dealer told owner it was simply a “trim rattle”, not a structural concern. No courtesy car means a 2 week delay getting it into the dealer. Now 4 weeks later car stripped down in bodyshop and rattle not identified.


11-4-2016: reports a Japanese recall of 160,000 current Fit (Jazz) and Vezel (HR-V) for electrical and power steering faults. A further 78,000 have been recalled in other markets. UK Jazz are built in Japan, but UK HR-Vs come from Mexico so are probably unaffected. We'll wait and see.

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