Should I dry-sump my Porsche Cayman before using it on track days?

I recently purchased a Porsche Cayman 3.4s and managed to insure it to include five track days. However I was chatting to a friend with considerable motor racing experience, and he advised against taking it on track without dry-sumping it first. He said he knew of some Caymans that had experienced blow-ups as a result of oil starvation to one bank of cylinders. What are your thoughts?

Asked on 28 April 2012 by AM, via email

Answered by Honest John
When the 911 996 was launched, this was a common problem. It was the first water-cooled, wet sump 911. The guys at Paragon Porsche discovered the consequences on the track. A Cayman 3.4 has a development of the same 3.4 engine. I don't have sufficient race knowledge to advise you further, but it's worth your while to ask people who do.
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