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I am aware of some of your comments concerning ‘humps’ in the roads. Our local Council (Brent) has just sent a circular asking residents for their views on the proposed 20 mph zone involving quite a few streets in our area. They propose four types of measures (speed cushions, ie. humps, speed tables, raised junction tables and pedestrian refuges), but it will be the humps that will be spaced at regular and fairly close intervals. It should be mentioned that the proposed zone includes three schools and that traffic calming measures of some sort would be welcome. I personally do not like humps, but is there an alternative way of reducing speed in a given area? If they have to build humps, is their construction standard or can they be modified to be more "car-friendly". I would be grateful for your guidance on what could a resident say to the council on such matters.

Asked on 28 February 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
There is a FAQ answer listing objections at hjuk. The most effective means of traffic calming is to remove the footways and cobble the entire street fence-to-fence or door-to-door. This disquiets drivers who think they are in a pedestrian area and makes them very careful. It’s
well proven in towns and villages in Holland.
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