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Most recently answered Mercedes-Benz questions
Can you tell me how much my Mercedes-Benz SLK is worth?
A terrible ride quality is spoiling life with my otherwise excellent 2006 Mercedes Viano 2.2 Ambiente. It's running on 225/60/16 tyres on standard 16-inch...
I am looking to buy a fun car within a budget of about £20,000. It will be a second car and will not cover many miles. It needs to be a convertible, with...
I run a 2006 Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI blue efficiency AMG Sport Estate on a 3-year PCP that expires at the end of November. Since buying this car my driving...
I bought a new Mercedes-Benz A250 AMG a few months ago, but have had numerous build issues, mostly with rattles. The dealership has had the car for three...
I want to buy a low mileage (up to 40,000 miles) premium car. I have £14,000 to spend and drive about 25,000 a year. I was looking at either the Mercedes...
I have just purchased a new Mercedes CLS from a main dealership. I the believe car was sourced from a common pool to my spec and I paid for the option...
I own a 2011 Mercedes-Benz C220 CDi AMG Sport estate. I love everything about the car except the ride quality, which is overly firm for our wonderful UK...
I need to replace the tyres on my five year old Mercedes ML500 that does around 6000 miles per year. It currently has 285/45/R19 on the rear and 255/50/R19...


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