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Most recently answered Mercedes-Benz questions
My car is fitted with Michelin Energy Saver tyres. The road noise is considerable and tiring on a long journey. Can you suggest an alternative tyre?
Two weeks ago I bought an approved 2011 used Mercedes-Benz SLK and was told it had a full service history. I asked for the documents and eventually they...
I'm 61 and want to be a car. Due to my age, this will be my last chance to get a big boy's toy before senility and a Honda Jazz hit the horizon. I want...
I have recently retired and need to buy a car that will offer good economy, refinement and reliability. I have narrowed the choice between the Audi A3...
I am in my early 70s suffering from neck arthritis. I am looking for a replacement car for my Kia Sportage and would like to keep to that size of car....
I own a Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class and sometimes the ABS and ESP lights come on. Any idea what the fault might be?
I'm hoping to buy a 2 or 3 year old Mercedes-Benz E-Class convertible for low mileage, fair weather driving. I like the write ups for the 350 diesel engine...
I have seen a 2002 Mercedes-Benz SL 320 Edition for sale, with full history and 87,000 miles on the clock. The asking price is £9970. I have always lusted...
My Mercedes E-Class failed its MoT and I was wondering if you have any idea with what they failed it with (offside front suspension arm has excessive play...
My Mercedes C220 Estate was 11 months old, with 13,000 miles on the clock when purchased from a main dealer in 2012. From the outset I suspected the car...
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