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Most recently answered Mercedes-Benz questions
I own a Mercedes-Benz SL and when I needed a car seat for my grandson who is now eight years old, I was told by Mercedes I had to buy a seat to fit that...
I read about problems with turbos, in particular from not letting the engine tick over for a few minutes to cool down after hot running. These all seem...
Can you tell me where I can purchase a workshop manual for my Mercedes-Benz C-Class?
This is the response from Motor Codes regarding the premature rusting of my Mercedes-Benz E-Class that has not been rectified under the Mercedes-Benz 30-Year...
I run at 2009 Mercedes-Benz C220CDI on 16-inch wheels with 205/60 R16 tyres. The build quality is excellent and the engine is powerful and frugal. It's...
I have a 2005 petrol 2.4-litre Volvo XC90 with 60,000 on the clock. My dear wife recently put a tow bar on it to pull the recently-acquired two horses...
I received renewal notification to tax the car when it was about to run out. I had the MoT done and I noticed on the renewal notification that the annual...
I used to drive a Mercedes-Benz E320CDI Avantgarde Estate but I had de-specified the tyres/suspension to the Elegance settings. It rolled slightly through...
The windows on my Mercedes-Benz C-Class have ceased to open or close with the key fob. The driver’s side heated mirror also switch on every time I start...
Following last week’s Mercedes-Benz A-Class rust email and your reply I am now determined to press my claim with Mercedes again. Motor Codes has been unhelpful....
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