Volkswagen Golf Alltrack (2015 - 2020)


Alltrack 2.0TDI 184 DSG6 4Motion 5dr Estate

reviewed by Anonymous on 12 July 2019
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Supremely practical and nice to drive

Initially the engine was a bit 'grumbly' when cold, and a bit of diesel rattle made itself known even when hot. But as the miles have piled on, and switching over very quickly to superdiesel, it's become quieter and smoother - but it's still not the most refined diesel (our previous 1.6 Golf had a quieter and smoother engine). Overall, it's a quiet car, made all the more so by switching the tyres to Michelin CrossClimate + and using sensible pressures (indeed, this improved the road noise and small-bump compliance so much, I'd do this for any new car and sell the original tyres on eBay).

Car is supremely practical - load cover easy to use and fits under boot floor. Seats are fine (for us), good fuel economy if driven with mechanical sympathy, surprisingly good performance, 6-speed wet clutch DSG box is smooth even at parking speeds. Damn fine sound quality from the infotainment system - which is very easy to use (are you listening Volvo?). Easy to adjust climate control, adaptive cruise control is brilliant (when it's working), nice small turning circle (10.9 m), adaptive dampers work well. HID headlights are excellent and easy to switch for EU driving.

Negatives: could only get electrically-adjustable driver seat, not passenger seat (why?) and then only in black leather.

Reliability: intermittent loose connection on driver side door sensor for keyless entry, dealer refused to investigate until we took a video of the problem when it occurred.
Intermittent and short-lived failure of the adaptive cruise control sensor, but it's rare (unless it's very heavy rain, when I'd expect its radar to have problems) so not yet tried a fix

Been pleased with the car, will be sold to family member next year

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Road TaxD–E
MPG54.3–60.1 mpg
Real MPG81.3%

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