Lexus LS (2012 - 2018)


LS 600hL Premier

reviewed by SUR on 19 February 2021
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Pure class Lexus flagship

Superbly refined and classy, good looking massive but subtle road presence without shouting.

Creamy smooth and silent V8 with truly effortless performance, best e-cvt in the world with virtually seamless inter change between V8 and hybrid battery, reasonable fuel economy at 24-30 mpg.

Really appreciate the engineering and smooth drive when driving after any other car, soothes on way home from office to remove stress, family comment on how much more comfortable rear cabin is compared with anything else.

Just amazing build quality throughout and leather/hand crafted wooden interior and excellent features including the concert hall Mark Levinson Reference surround system and rear massage seats and Blueray player. Even the roof and door panels are leather lined and shimomoku wood is beautiful.

Ride ranges from pillow/gliding smooth in Comfort mode to more subtly firm (including more feel in steering) in Sport Plus, the driving modes are subtle but actually work well.

Extremely rare and classy flagship model, easily stands parallel with or exceeds top level S classes, 7 series, A8, far superior to their common inferior diesel models. Every journey is such an experience that you will not feel like getting out. Obviously costly to run and maintain including warranty but overall a stunning leader for those after the best but without show.

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reviewed by Anonymous on 31 December 2019

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Road TaxAlternative fuel, J–L
MPG26.4–32.8 mpg
Real MPG90.3%

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