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10 April 2015: Is this an SUV?

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Current mileage 7200
Claimed economy 74.3mpg
Actual economy 52.4mpg

We’ve recently started a new video series here at HonestJohn.co.uk, called the 10 Honest Things review. If you’ve not seen the first one, it’s about the Audi A3 e-tron and you can find it by clicking here. We’ll be doing one per month from now on, so keep an eye out for more.

Because it’s a new format, we’re starting out by covering the most popular cars on the site – one of which, funnily enough, is the Nissan Qashqai. And if you watch the video you’ll see that we’ve used this very car, our long-termer, as the review model. Which, in a catastrophic turn of events, meant I had to clean the mucky thing.

Now, if you’re well accustomed to reading long-term updates, your mouse will be hovering over the 'close tab' button now as you prepare yourself for four paragraphs of car cleaning product advertorial. But step away from the mouse, because we’re not into that here. We’re not into that mainly because I didn’t think about approaching Turtle Wax for a basket full of free cleaning products in time. This is upsetting, because now I’ve got nothing to sell on eBay.

No, this is a story about a niche. See, I did what more and more people are doing these days: took the car to one of those hand wash establishments. They’re everywhere now, it seems. Either there’s a lot more drug money to launder these days or a lot more people taking a pride in the appearance of their cars.

Hummer H3 (8)

                                            An actual SUV, somewhere in the coutryside

Anyway, I took the Qashqai to my local one. Usually I’d go for the cheapest wash option on the board, but as there was a video to be made I chose ‘full valet’. I felt like a king. A king!

Just 45 minutes later I returned to the car with a £20 note in my hand, because that’s how much the little chalkboard said that ‘full valet‘ would cost.

 “That’ll be £25, sir”

 “Erm, what? The little chalkboard says £20.”

 “But it’s an SUV.”

 Now, I can sort of understand why car wash places charge a bit more for an SUV – there’s probably a good five percent more body mass to rub with the sponge – but an SUV the Qashqai ain’t...

...is it? Answers on a postcard, and more on this absolute cliffhanger of a story next time...

Click here to watch the 10 Honest Things review of the Nissan Qashqai 

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