VIDEO: Bentley Bentayga - the world's best SUV?

Published 29 July 2017

Bentley reckons the Bentayga has sewn up the posh SUV game. Has it? Or is it just a really massive, really expensive, really ugly hatchback? 

Both, as it turns out. Click the play icon above to watch Mark explain why that is. 

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Neil Sturgeon    on 31 July 2017

Just love the presentation of this video. Don't think I'll bother buying one though, costs more than my house

zundapp    on 1 August 2017

OK! Mark, it may look like a posh shed on wheels and cost a lot.
However, don't knock it. , They are made just down the road from where I live.and consequently Bentley does a lot for the local economy. We need the jobs!!
Round here, they are as common as Tiguans(like I've got),
Just a thought, you could get 6 Tiguans for the price of your test car

GTC20th    on 2 August 2017

Big, ugly, overpriced truck. Can't see the point myself, but there's one born every minute.

GnosticBrian    on 6 August 2017

You sound more than a mite jealous.

Caerphilly    on 6 August 2017

not jealous, just not willing to pay £135,000 for what is basically an Audi Q7 in a posh frock.

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