Over a third of drivers happy to pay more to use a trustworthy garage

Published 20 March 2018

More than a third of drivers are happy to spend more to use a garage they trust, according to new research by the AA.

The motoring association spoke to more than 17,000 of its members and found that 37 per cent of those surveyed were willing to pay more to have their car serviced or repaired by an honest mechanic, while one in five said they would go out of their way to visit a good garage.

However, while thousands of drivers are willing to drive an extra mile to find a trustworthy mechanic, just one in 10 admitted to shopping around when looking for a garage. 

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Worryingly, almost one in 10 drivers questioned were unsure how much a car service should cost, while 10 per cent felt they had been overcharged for car repairs or servicing in the past.

“Only consider becoming a regular customer once you’ve had a chance to shop around"

“Only consider becoming a regular customer once you’ve had a chance to shop around and have settled on a garage you feel you can trust to take proper care of your car," commented Olli Astley of the AA.  

“It’s worth shopping around and doing your own research when looking for a new garage so you can confirm it offers the services you require at a competitive price. I would also recommend checking reviews online before visiting a garage, as this will allow you to easily assess its reputation," he added. 

In 2017 research by MotorEasy found that the average cost of having a car repaired at a garage can vary by more than £160 an hour, with one mechanic charging as much as £234 per-hour. In comparison, the cheapest was just £36 for 60 minutes work. 



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