53reg mondeo 2.0 estate TDCi - Mondeo P0251 fault - wodger

Hi everyone,

I have recently had my car diagnosed with this P0251 fault. I have read quite a few of your posts on this,but would like to give more info and ask some questions. I've had starting difficulties for a long time, the engine cranks over and seems to fire on 2 or 3 cylinders with the orange management on, runs a few seconds and picks up to all firingon all 4 and the light goes out. once started it runs smoothly. yesterday I started it and although it stared as normal the light didn't go out. i started to drive (about 100 yards) and the engine cut out I restarted it and the same thing happened. after the fault was diagnosed I decided to check the fuel filter and on removing the pipe from filter to high pressure pump there was no fuel flowing even when the engine is being cranked over. I know ther is a electric plift pump somewhere, could this have failed or would the management system stop it working. Could the hp pump be gravity fed from a separate tank to test? any help woud be appreciated. I know there could be hp pump issues or injector problems, everything looks clean, no fuel or oil leaks.

Many thanks, Wodger

53reg mondeo 2.0 estate TDCi - Mondeo P0251 fault - elekie&a/c doctor

This fault code relates to a problem with the fuel pressure regulation valve.However faults with injectors or fuel supply can create a similar effect.There is no in=tank pump on these,so yu will not get fuel delivery from the filter under ignition or crank.It is possible to gravity feed the main hp pump.hth


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