Clio DCi 65bhp & 80bhp - Chris Ward
I was wondering if anyone knows the what the difference is between the Clio DCi 65bhp and 80bhp versions. Ive looked on Renaults website and all the engine tech. specs. seem to be the same .... is the difference purely the ecu?

Clio DCi 65bhp & 80bhp - Podge
Well, this is a wild shot in the dark, but isn't the difference about fifteen horsepower?
Clio DCi 65bhp & 80bhp - Phil G
Lots written in Diesel Car about this, can't remember myself but I am sure someone will dig it up.
Clio DCi 65bhp & 80bhp - AndyT
IIRC, the 80 has an intercooler, variable venturi? turbo, different injectors, ecu, and probably a few other things.
Clio DCi 65bhp & 80bhp - Edd
the difereance is bigger injectors a turbo dump valve and an intercooler. Just remember that the 65hp clios have been dynamod at 72hr and the same dynamso used on 80hp clios say the engine is giving out 82hp


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