Deactivate VW Passat rear doors - MazJB
I have a 1999 VW Passat with full monty locking. Somehow I have locked the rear doors and cannot open even with the child lock. The book states that the garage can lock but does not say how to unlock. Can anyone help ?
Deactivate VW Passat rear doors - bigger al
I have worked on these in the past (I fit alarms for a living) and have found that you can lock the rear doors independently from the front 2 via the alarm multiplugs at the module under the dash.

Your car has the two pulse deadlock action and it sounds as if the rear doors are deadlocked.

I can unlock the deadlocks with a test light but are you confident to do this?

Deactivate VW Passat rear doors - bertj
This is probably a silly question but is the passenger door locked as well? As far as I know the one shot/two shot zapper enables you to:
One Shot - only driver's door unlocks
Two Shot - all doors unlock
A VW dealer can re-program the door locking so that all doors unlock with one zap. I had this done and my VW dealer didn't charge - I was probably just lucky!


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