Focus TDCI 2002 - Ford TDCI - Guess what... cutting out! - andyp24

This seems to be a VERY common problem on these. Internet riddled with tales of it. Seems to be caused by numerous things.

For me, this one appears to be related to the steering as it cuts out when pulling away from and turning out of T junctions with the steering on a heavy lock. Could it be an alternator issue such that the alternator is drawing more power from the engine when the power steering is on full lock?

Not heard about this as a cause of cutting out before but it seems unlikely to be injectors or the usual culprits as it runs and accelerates well, economy as expected (46mpg avg on fairly demanding commute), clutch/dmf replaced last year....

I've taken it to the dealer and already given up because of the usual 60-100 quid charge for the privilege of them plugging their laptop in to it and telling you something that doesn't fix it and usually requires further outlay.

Any thoughts on this or experience of similar out there?


Focus TDCI 2002 - Ford TDCI - Guess what... cutting out! - BenG
I've got an '03 TDCI. A few weeks back the engine stopped suddenly & would not restart. This was caused by a failed cam sensor which is known to occur on these cars - it's the plastic thing bolted to the middle of the cam cover. When I first got the car it also started jerking and running roughly - like a misfire. An injector blockage or EGR valve sticking can cause these symptoms. Other than that, don't know. I thought the cutting-out problem was more of an issue with the later 2.0TDCI??
Focus TDCI 2002 - Ford TDCI - Guess what... cutting out! - BenG

Oh, just remebered that the TDCI engine is programmed to stall if the engine speed falls below a preset threshold. This is to protect the DMF, I understand. It cuts the engine very abruptly. This makes the car quite easy to stall from standstill, particularly when cold.

Could it be either that you're not giving the engine enough revs from standstil, or perhaps there is some problem with the idle speed of your engine or how the idle speed responds to an increase in load, e.g: AC or PAS, as you mention?

Someone else will have to throw some light on what to do then as I do not understand how the engine idle speed is controlled...

Focus TDCI 2002 - Ford TDCI - Guess what... cutting out! - andyp24

Thanks for the suggestions Ben. Finally, the fault appears to have been diagnosed and it's a new one on me. Never seen it as one of the many causes given for Ford TDCI engines cutting out. So this one can be added to the list.

That is, a vacuum leak, caused by a detached hose somewhere. Not found out where yet. But the description anfd symptoms sound about right according to this:

If there's one thing i've learnt from owning this car for 2 and a half years, it's never take it to Ford to diagnose problems. They seem to rely almost exclusively on their damn diagnostics computers to tell them everything. And very often they don't. I almost feel like it could have a flat tyre and they wouldn't notice becuase the computer hadn't told them about it!

In then end, whenever i've had a problem it's the good old experienced local mechanic armed with only his brain and his tools who is best able to work out what's wrong.


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