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Citroen Berlingo Multispace - Engine misfire, Lots of black smoke - morristhousand

Hi, I have a Berlingo with a DW8 1.9 diesel engine, 72000miles, 01 reg. History: Cam belt came off due to idler gear failure, camshaft broke in three places. Up to this event it was running perfectly but with a strange 'humming' noise (obviously the idler on the way out). Sourced a complete engine from a 01 206 accident damaged, breakers promised the engine ran fine!(did I see tears in his eyes?) Installed, fault: Idles perfectly for exactly 3 seconds, then goes all lumpy, with excessive smoke and 'bag of nails' noise, sounds like it is misfiring badly and refuses to rev much(you wouldnt want to with the noise its making anyway). So far I have replaced all the sensors from the failed engine,the wiring harness complete, all the injection system (injection pump, injectors one at a time) and substitued an ECU from an 01 Peugeot partner DW8. No change!

Going onto diagnostics, I am about to borrow a compression tester, so hopefully it will not show up one cylinder down, (if it does then its out with the engine and swap just the head?), but it would be handy to access the fault diagnostics, its apparantly not campatible with the European OBD2 system, does any one know what it is, is it possible to purchase a software package for connecting to a computer? Its not possible to take this vehicle to a citroen dealer, its on a farm in rural Herefordshire many miles from the nearest (nice place to work though!), I understand that the advance/retard solenoid (situated underneath the injection pump) gets a digital signal from the ECU, anyone scoped this, do you know the nature of the signal? Anyone able to direct me to a site where I can download the engine electrics/electronics? I'm a retired aircraft electronic technician, so have no problem with interpreting the information, just need the information! Thankyou


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