Mondeo III 2.0 tdci (04) - Grumbling Noise coming from rear - Hasty

I will try to keep the history brief;

before I get the the grumbling noise I have had 2 new rear shocks fitted in March/11 (father in law and myself fitted - we did this approx 13 months prior ourselves too but the parts I got were crap and 1 leaked all the oil out after 12 months). This time I used Ford parts for the 2nd set. I noticed a knocking noise about a month afterwards and took it into my garage and found the anti-roll bar bushes were worn, so they were replaced at the beginning of Jul 11.

Knocking noise was still there and was traced to the top nut on the OSR shock not tight enough. I took this to my garage (20/7/11), where he was able to get a socket on the nut with the shock still attached to the car and tightened it......knocking stopped.....bear with me.

I drove the car to Lancaster a couple of days later and there was a grumbing noise coming from the OSR wheel, which started around 45mph and was quite loud on the motorway. I took it to my garage and the wheel bearing was suspected, so I ordered a new wheel bearing (not ford) and this was fitted on Tue 26/7. At this point I expected everything to running smoothly, however the grumbling is still there at around 45mph onwards, only it is not as bad since the wheel bearing changed.

The grumbling seems to have started when the loose nut was tightened still attached to the car on 20/7/11.

Any ideas ?

Mondeo III 2.0 tdci (04) - Grumbling Noise coming from rear - Peter.N.

I would suggest that its the other rear wheel bearing - if the noise is definitly coming from the rear. Unless the new bearing is faulty but I doubt that.

Mondeo III 2.0 tdci (04) - Grumbling Noise coming from rear - Hasty

Thanks, I replaced the NSR bearing back in Feb (around 104000 miles) and didn't suspect this one. I used the bearing that came off the OSR (Original Ford) and put it on the NSR and hey runs nice and quiet now :-)


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