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I have recently aquired a 306 TD 3 years old in September and 43K. The air con has stopped working and have found that the compressor has will not cut in due to low gas pressure. A visit for re-gasing revealed a leak from behind one of the rubber mounts holding the pipe from the compressor to the lower front panel. The gas now has a dye added to pinpoint leaks. The mounts appear to hold moisture and things go downhill from thereon. The garage de-gassed the system and told me they would re-gas when the leak was rectified. So it was down to the local Peugot dealer for a new pipe. There are 2 pipes, one short one from the compressor to the air con rad and the other a long one from the compressor, up the front inner wing and under the LH engine mount where it joins another pipe which then goes round the rear of the engine and through the bulkhead. I needed the long pipe," Thats £70.09 + VAT sir, thank you." Thinking that it might be wise to renew the short pipe at the same time, as it might not be far behind, they did not have one in stock, " Sell a lot of those mate, got 13 on back order, like rocking horse s..t, don't know when they will be in." I would have expected the pipes to have lasted longer than they have! HJ might be useful for your car by car breakdown. Before I start pulling out pipework has anyone changed the long pipe? I am mystified as to how it joins under the engine mount. It appears to be some form of sliding fit. I hope so because there aint much room to play about in. Any advice appreciated.
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You are right, this is a common problem. The pipe can be fixed by a specialist with a 'Lokring' tool, but by the time you get the pipe off, etc. etc. it's usually easier to buy a new one.

As for the conection, it is called a springlock, as it has a garter spring in it that holds the 2 tubes together, together with 2 'o' rings. To get it apart you need the correct size springlock tool to spread the garter spring, then new o rings, together with some refrigerant oil to lubricate the o rings when you slide it back together. The only other option is to try and butcher the spring out with needle nosed pliers, then by a new spring. There are various sizes of springlock, so you need to know the size.

To be entirely honest, you are better off just getting a specialist to do the whole job for you aren't you? It's only about a hour labour, plus regassing, then if you have any leaks at the joints it's his problem (but I'm in the trade so I would say that, wouldn't I?). Let me know if you want any more info.
Re: Peugot 306 Air Conditioning - Andrew Holdsworth
Dave.N. Thanks for your reply. Yep think you're right on this one. As a matter of interest is this ' garter spring' a circular white plastic affair that is floating up and down loose near the joint on my car! I live in the Hull area and all the air con specialists I can find re gas cars as a sideline to more commercial refrigeration. Would they have the specialist tools and o rings you mention or are they limited to vehicle air con specialists? I'm reluctant to go to main dealer for two reasons - 1 price but more importantly, I'm afraid they do not inspire me with much confidence. I want the thing doing right first time and not leak again for a while!
Re: Peugot 306 Air Conditioning - Dave N
No, the plastic ring is just a dust shield that always fall away. The commercial a/c boys won't carry any of the tools, and the o rings are unique to the refrigerant and springlocks. Try for one of their centres in your area.

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