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I ordered a VW Scirocco back in September through a leasing company reccommended to me by a friend who used them before. I was initially told that delivery would be late November, after repeated delays in a delivery date I am noe told that the car wont be delivered until March (at the earliest). After a bit of research on the Internet it does seem that VW are having production delays. Can anyone tell me why ,and how long realisitcally I should be looking at for delivery of the new car? Is there anything I can do to speed up the process? Your thoughts and answers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Darren

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I had a similar problem last year with a Skoda Superb - went from 8 to 10 weeks to "around 5 to 6 months" which was way past my lease hand back date. At the time they said it was unprecedented demand across the VAG range and certain options such as sunroof and DSG were "no date available." Still 5 to 6 months for a Yeti for a colleague considering one and used low mileage demos are on sale at top dollar so that's not a great alternative.

I guess the supplying dealers can sell as many as they can get so the incentive to supply one at reduced margin to a lease company may be part of the problem. Might be worth your while going round a few dealers and being flexible on your colour choice and options and see if you can source and finance it separately. Nice car, very nice car BTW!

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It's almost certainly a shortage of diesel engines that's holding things up, and not surprisingly it's affecting the whole VAG. My new Octavia vRS petrol is only going to take 12 weeks (factory order) and has a build week allocated: a diesl would have taken several months.

Maybe change your order to a 2.0 TSI?


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