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I bought a Ford Focus 1.8 2004 zetec with the factory LPG conversion in March this year, which has worked fine until recenetly. About 3 weeks ago the LPG system stopped working for around 2-3 days (i.e. total power loss when the engine warmed up enought to automatically switch over to LPG). Then, just as suddenly as it stopped working, it started again and worked for a few days. It then stopped working nearly 2 weeks ago and has not worked at all since then, however I must add that i'm running the car on petrol at the moment, with no problems apart from the huge expense, doubling my fuel costs overnight!

I've filled up the LPG system to the brim in the hope that it may help increasing the tank pressure, but the same problem occured. I don't have any real knowledge on this LPG system and don't know about them in general. I'm happy to investigate things, e.g. if a certain sound is made at a certain point etc.

If anyone could give some advice, things that I could do before going to the garage, or failing that any good garages that could fix this in the Stroud, Gloucestershire area?

Many Thanks

Ford Focus - LPG system failure - injection doc
I suspect it will iether be a pump or control valve issue, unless the gas is freezing in the cold weather.
You could try these people for advice, whilst they are some distance from you at least a specilist will know what they are doing!
Ford Focus - LPG system failure - Gregory II
I have a similar problem with this freezing weather. Can anything be done and are there any guidlines with regards to the use of LPG during the freezing temperatures/ what can be done to prevent problems running on gas in these temperatures? Thanks
Ford Focus - LPG system failure - ford focus lpg

Thanks for the replies.

I will give them a call and see what they have to say. Do you know how I could check if it's the pump or control valve?

I thought it might be due to freezing weather but it still wouldn't work when it was 8 degrees outside for an extended period. I thought it might be a bad batch of fuel so i went to another station to fill up but this didn't solve the problem.

Thanks again

Ford Focus - LPG system failure - Ethan Edwards

My LPG vaporiser which is akin to a carburettor is heated by water from the water system. So in extreme cold weather only works effectively once the engine thoroughly warms up. So in this kind of weather I over ride the auto switch over from petrol to lpg keeping on petrol a mile or two more.

Now that said LPG works fine in this cold weather I know I run on it every day. Your issue is a mechanical or electrical fault. You need expert diagnosis. Try looking at this link.

By the way I wasn't aware Ford ever offered LPG as a factory option. Was news to me!

Ford Focus - LPG system failure - jc2

Yes-both cars and commercials.Ford built them as petrol and the conversion company set up a small plant next to the production plants.Came with full Ford warranty.And it was a proper conversion-fully approved by the TUV-not your usual Scotchloks and Jubilee clips!

Ford Focus - LPG system failure - Dutchie

We have the Focus diesel,I didn't know about Ford Focus LPG.factory approved conversion either.

I would have got the LPG car,drove my late fathers car a VWJetta for years on LPG.

Ford Focus - LPG system failure - Mil1194

We have had a few LPG vehicles in the past and experienced exactly this in the freezing weather. Turned out that the engine coolant was low (not by much!) and this was stopping the coolant being pumped around the 'vapouriser' and therefore not making liquid 'gas' to 'gas' gas and therefore not running on gas...........

Ford Focus - LPG system failure - Ethan Edwards

Minus 12 deg C this morning.

LPG worked fine as usual.

Ford Focus - LPG system failure - ford focus lpg


I noticed that the usual click when it switches to lpg was not present so...

Last week i opened up the boot floor where the tank is and found a silver box attached to the side of the tank. Upon opening the silver box if found that there was what looked like a solenoid with metal buckle. I rotated this buckle around and gave the solenoid a few taps. When trying to start, it clicked but it stalled. Holding it at about 3000 rpm, then switching over, the revs dropped and then picked up again. It's now been working faultlessly.

One other question. Is it normal to be acheiving around 20mpg (calculated brim to brim at the same garage) on mixed town and a-road driving? This mpg is making me think that a mk2 1.6 tdci would be cheaper to run at around 50mpg and lpg being just over half the price of petrol (75ppl vs 130ppl). Any advice?

Thanks for all your help.

Ford Focus - LPG system failure - Ethan Edwards

I get +32mpg Brim to Brim on LPG from my Nissan Note 1.6 auto. The trip computer reckons I'm getting +40mpg but that thinks it's unleaded, So you can see the extra fuel used. However I think thats comparable with Diesel if the Diesel Note was an automatic...which they don't actually make!

My advice is shop around. Texaco today LPG 73.9 Diesel 1.35.9

So for me it's still cheaper and I have no DPF or DMF worries.



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