MOT Emisions - Richard
Can anybody tell me what the emision levels are for a 1994 catalysed car? I have a Rover 820 Vitesse turbo and I want to fit a stainless system with cat bypass pipe (my cat is dead anyway, it filled up with oil when the turbo let go).Will the engine management and oxygen sensor still run the engine clean enough to meet the regs or can it be tuned to do so?
Re: MOT Emisions - John Slaughter
The data for each car are provided on the CD ROM held by the testing station.

You'd need to reprogramme the ECU to get the full benefits of running without a cat BUT It's my belief that a 1994 won't be able to pass without a cat. I understand that any vehicle of that date must have a catalysed system, and there's no way you can tune the engine to meet the emission levels without the cat being in place and doing its job


Re: MOT Emisions - honest john
John's right. Can't be done. This car has to have a cat.

Bin the cat! - David Lacey
You WILL need the catalyst in order to gain an MOT test pass.
Aftermarket catalysts are fairly cheap now, try Partco perhaps.
If you are that 'anti-cat' then fit the cat just for the MOT test, then remove it and fit your bypass pipe
Modern catalysts do not restrict the engine significantly, much has been improved over the years
Modern Engine Management Systems will run fine and fairly cleanly without a catalyst but the best results will not be realised unless the system is re-mapped
Re: Bin the cat! - Adam Going (Tune-Up Ltd)
If you take the cat off after getting your MOT certificate and then getted stopped at a roadside emission / vehicle check you will fail and have to have a complete re-test (not just emissions).
Regards, Adam
Re: Roadside emision check - stuart bruce
Is it still the case that if you fail a test administered by ministry inspectors that you get the usual police notice to get the car repaired and retested within so many days, but if its a council one eg Westminster/Brum its 60 quid and no appeal?
Re: Roadside emision check - Adam Going (Tune-Up Ltd)

So far as I am aware, yes.

Regards, Adam
Re: Roadside emision check - jonathan
Human Rights Act applies here.
Re: Human Rights? - Guy Lacey
What? I have the RIGHT to pollute more than anyone else because I can't afford to replace the cat?

Buy a new cat and help us all - think yourself lucky you don't own a Nissan 300ZX or Audi 90 Coupe 2.6E, for example, they have two cats about £800 each.

I'm no lawyer and can't see how the Criminal Rights Act, sorry, Human Rights Act applies - please explain.
Re: Human Rights? - Adam Going (Tune-Up Ltd)
Yes, please expand on this Johnathan. Are we missing something ? I may not agree with the direction that 'Cat' legislation has taken us, but it is the law.

Re: Human Rights? - Jonathan
I didn't mean to imply that people have the rights to do exactly what they want...

What I meant was the right to appeal - under the HRA everyone has a right to a fair trial and to an appeal. If they don't give you this chance then it is illegal (in europe at least). It will need a test case to prove it.

For the record, I am against excessive pollution and keep a well maintained car, but I do object to the govt record of mismanagement on environmental issues. They ban lead, and replace with benzene which is far more worse for health, they then introduce cats which reduce carbon monoxide but increase carbon dioxide, then they tax us on CO2. In addition they introduce ulsp which increases fuel consumption so we pay even more tax.
Re: Human Rights? - Richard
The point of my message has nothing to do with whether or not I can afford the replacement cat but simply realising the full power of my car. Incidently fuel consumption improves with the removal of the cat.
Re: Human Rights? - John Slaughter

There will only be any noticeable improvement in fuel consumption if the ECU is reprogrammed to a 'non-cat' setting. You'd have to fit the cat for the MOT, at which point it may not pass anyway the cat won't operate at full efficiency as the ECU is set wrongly.

I could be wrong, but I suspect it's an offence to operate the car without a cat, never mind the risk of failing a roadside emisions check. These days the effect of a cat on power output is much less significant than it used to be anyway.


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