NO MOT - Simon
My first thought on this matter is that if you don't tell anyone then the chances are that no-one will find out. Its not a requirement to show your MOT if you have your car repaired by your insurers and I doubt that they go to the trouble to check if the vehicle had an MOT at the time of the accident. How bad is the damage to your car? If its not bad and nothing major is broken then I would take it as soon as possible and get an MOT on it. If that isn't possible then just hope that it doesn't come to light about the lack of MOT and if it does try and blag your way out of it.
NO MOT - Blue {P}
Your insurance company really should have spoken to you before authorising repairs, for all they know you may not have hit the woman!

As far as the MOT is concerned, was the accident bad? I'm assuming not, as it sounds as though there were no injuries. AFAIK, insurers will only go to the trouble of checking MOTs etc. if you have a fairly bad bump with nasty damage. If this happens then they will go over the car and inspect everything to try and find a reason not to pay. This includes things such as bald tyres etc.

I think you should be OK, just get it MOTd ASAP, and make SURE that you book it first, before going to the garage and that they have a record of the booking, this way it's legal to drive it there, otherwise, it is illegal.
NO MOT - Dwight Van Driver
Have a look at Section 148, Road Traffic Act, 1988, which stops an Insurance Company holding back on the payment of third party liabilities due to condition of vehicle. The sting is that if they become aware of a defective vehicle (bald tyres etc) then they may not pay your own damages. No MOT does not mean that your vehicle is defective. A valid one only means that it was OK at a certain time on a certain date. Let your Insurers get on with it and answers questions should they arise.

NO MOT - tattes
ok, ive booked my car in for a MOT but i dont think it will pass, for one, the horn wire was sniped as the alarmwouldnt shut up according to my friend as it is at his house, also the accelerator pedal seems to stick, and the front bonnet only just clicks down, i mean u could probably really push it down but then it is hard to get it back up, and the MOT guy said by law he shouldnt struggle gettin it up,

also what happens if the insurence check the MOT? and i dont got one, could i get prosecuted? be takin to court? could i lose my license? or would i just be forced to pay for all her damage?
NO MOT - tattes
Also another thing, could i say it was MOTed? at the time, i mean if the MOT ticket gets loss then they carnt find out? or can they? could i say to them it ran out 4 days after the accident? again, any help would be gratefull, thank you
NO MOT - Keith S
My girlfriend wrote off my car. I was asked for a copy of my licence and MOT because it was a total loss claim.

Don't think they would have bothered for a small bump though.
NO MOT - tattes
and what would happen if i couldnt produce an MOT? would i get fined or points? or baned or what?
NO MOT - Simon
Yes they can find out if your car had a current MOT at the time of the accident. Records are kept of all MOT's that are issued. On the subject of Total Loss Claims (write offs), they normally ask you to send them any spare keys, the log book and the MOT certificate.
NO MOT - tattes
ok, but what happens law whys now? do i get prosecuted, and what sort of penalty can i get? fined? points? or even baned? and also someone said earlyer that if it only was alittle accident where no one is hurt do the insurance ask for it? im gettin worried thats all. any help would be gratefull, ty

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