Nissan Micra (2003) - Misfiring on start up - Helly

Hello, I have a Micra (2003) and this year since March (1 week after new clutch fitted) my car has started to misfire and the maintanence light has come on on the dash, and i'm at a loss as to the cause. I have so far had it tested at Nissan and they said the Dignostic code related to air box seals. ( i was very unhappy with them as they also said my head gasket had gone when it hadn't so didn't get work done there or trust in what they said). I got someone else to look and they tested it on Dig. machine and the code related to the Cam Shaft Sensor so this has been changed as well as the air box seals (just in case). The light went off for a day then came back on and the misfiring is still there. Last week i flooded the engine tring to start it up so called out AA hoping they may know what was causing misfiring - they suggested the Crank Shaft Sensor. Yesterday i took it to garage and they tested it again on Dig. Machine and it's still saying the cam sensor - the guy swaped the cam & crank shaft sensor but the problem was still there took it to a car electric person who suggested maybe it's the timing chain but the guy at the garage didn't agree as these apparently rattle when they go wrong. Any suggestions would be great as i can not afford to pay out about £500 to change timing chain and it not cure the problem, someone did also say it may be the on board computer which again cost £100's. Sorry a bit all over the place here new to this. The car when i start it has to be rev straight away to catch it otherwise the accelaration pedal goes dead then i run risk of flooding the thing.

Nissan Micra (2003) - Misfiring on start up - madf

Basics first.

The clutch was changed.. by whom?

Often earth cables are not refitted or fitted incorrectly.

Make sure all are fitted and remade to ensure you have a proper earth.

There are likely to be more than one of them.

Nissan Micra (2003) - Misfiring on start up - Helly


I got the clutch changed by Mr Clutch. I'll look into the earth cables then and go from there is this something i could do?

Nissan Micra (2003) - Misfiring on start up - elekie&a/c doctor

Diagnostic trouble codes related to cam and crank sensors together with poor running and starting are most commonly caused by a worn timing chain.This is an epidemic fault on this model.Nissan should supply a new chain in the tool kit as you are more likely to need it than the jack.!!hth

Nissan Micra (2003) - Misfiring on start up - Armitage Shanks {p}

ISTR that misfiring can put unburned petrol into the exhaust system and damage the catalytic converter. Needs fixing before this happens!

Nissan Micra (2003) - Misfiring on start up - Helly
Thanks for the replies.
I was told that when the timing chain stretches or goes it makes a rattle is this true as my car doesn't make any noises and when running it is absolutely fine. My car currently died at work yesterday think I flooded engine again?

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