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Afternoon guys,

Car due a service and MOT in the next month. Been taking it to the same place for years and not had any problems. £125 for the service and MOT, problem eing I have to take the day off work to get this done as the garage is nowhere near my workplace. This time I've opted for a garage next to where I work, they have done a few bits over the years on my car a s well, new washer pump, new window regulator etc. No problems again.

MOT and full service is £160 but he says he always does a full engine flush which he doubts the other garge does. The garage is always busy and has a good reputation locally so I've booked it in for the convienance of being next door to where I work.

Is the engine flush worth an Extra £35? Service includes new Ford oil grade, New filter, new plugs, new fuel filter, new pollen Filter etc. Seems reasonable? Just wondered does anybody get there engine "flushed" every service? are there benefits to this? I've read a few things online saying there a waste of time etc.

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Ford Mondeo Mk3 1.8 Hatch. - Servicing - Engine flush or not???? - redviper
I had my Vectra C 1.8 "Flushed" as a recommendation from the Dealer that Serviced the car for a extra £35

Cant really say that its made any difference, but it was sold to me as that it would make a considerable benefit on emmsions and economy.

Cant even say that they actually did it, how can I prove that they did or even didnt do it.
Ford Mondeo Mk3 1.8 Hatch. - Servicing - Engine flush or not???? - tdc

From experience I found that it helps with older engines and may save sludge build-up on some newer engines although with modern semi&full synthetic oils engines don`t suffer like they used to.Do not bother with it myself if changing oil regularly and engine gets regular blasts but if you do a lot of short stop-start journeys then your engine will be more likely to benefit from a flush.The method we always used was a pint of additive added to your existing oil,run around the block,drain and fill with your fresh oil&new filter...maybe things have changed since I was last in the trade in`94 before detoxification and moving onto healthier environment

Remember the old trick of marking service items before you take your car in to make sure parts have been replaced.Most garages are fairly honest....having worked in them and done MOT`s never really saw much skulduggery!

Ford Mondeo Mk3 1.8 Hatch. - Servicing - Engine flush or not???? - John F

Is the engine flush worth an Extra £35?


A good reason for home oilchange is that you can leave overnight for the oily dirt/dirty oil that sticks to the surfaces to drain out. You would be surprised how big a black puddle you get if you put a fresh drip tray under the sump after the immediate downpour. It's like shaking the sauce bottle and leaving it...after a few hours the sides will be clean.

Garages work fast so the sump plug often gets screwed on before the thin stream has turned into separate drips. On some cars they suck it out of the dipstick hole which must leave loads of old oil undrained.


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