Buyer gave false address - what to do next? - exmondeoman

Not serious in relation to many of the posts here - but annoying. I recently sold my car on ebay. The buyer paid cash, and I have received confirmation from the DVLA that I am no longer the registered owner.

HOWEVER, on checking the buyer's details after the sale, both the address and the trading name he gave appear to be bogus. (I have also had a note from ebay to say his acount has been suspended - though not through any action on my part). I do have a copy of a separate address from ebay (i.e. the winning buyer's address) which I guess must have been linked to whatever card was set up on the account.

I haven't lost out financially, but I don't see how having an untraceable vehicle (or owner) can really be of benefit the to the greater law-abiding public. Is it worth my bothering to tell anyone of my suspicions? Should I inform the DVLA, or is it a police matter, and would either body actually care enough to do anything?

Buyer gave false address - what to do next? - bathtub tom

I've had this. DVLA wrote to me asking to confirm buyers address. I never heard any more.


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