Need to Drill a Tile - fredthefifth

Thought I would try here, you never know!

I need to put something up in the shower and one of the holes has fallen right on the join between two tiles.They are pretty standard glazed ceramic tiles but I recall that drilling between tiles is to be avoided.

Any advice please?

Ta, FTF.

Need to Drill a Tile - Dutchie

Hello,I have drilled a couple of holes between tiles in our bathroom.Just be careful that the drill bit is not bigger than the gap between the tiles ,don't touch the tiles.

Need to Drill a Tile - fredthefifth

Thanks Dutchie, trouble is the grout isn't very wide but thanks for the advice.


Need to Drill a Tile - billy25

Simply stick a piece of plastic insulation tape over the point you want to drill, then plough right in with a masonry bit on a "slowish" speed, and fill hole with silicone sealant just before you put in the plug/screw you are making hole for.
keep drill steady! and once you start - keep going! - till your deep enough!
Need to Drill a Tile - FP

I wouldn't use a masonry bit, but if you have to, do not set your drill to hammer action, or you run the risk of cracking the tile.

It's better to use a dedicated tile bit, which has a flat spear-head shape and a sharp point. Do use plastic insulation tape to stop the bit wandering until it penetrates the glaze and, again, do not use hammer action. As you're going between two tiles, go extra carefully.

Once you're well below the glaze, you can swich to a masonry drill to get the correct size hole.

I have drilled countless tiles this way and have never cracked one.

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