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Ten years - Sensitivity with scales - CL Grease

There had been much `glubbing` on the final frontier - the surface of the interface of all things known. Though it was perceived in a dim, some would say uncomprehending way - that things lurked beyond - perhaps in a fractile sense of being a whipping boy at a public school. Or perhaps much more than that. Though it would help if you were a `sensitive soul` - at least in the corporeal - if not spiritual sense.

There was always a sense of content being somehow `filtered` as though the Harvest Moon tracking overhead could be remembered - and some emotion - residual - but persitant - linked a species constant over millenia - but gilded through Chinese Emporer`s exclusivity, these last few hundred years.

Time passed. Perhaps excruciatingly slowly - or it may have been fast, with a regular Human perception of `Newtonian flow`

It would have been good to know - in the final analysis.

Ten years - a long time with no stomach and such a short gut. The flies to think about too.. a fair `crop` of the regulars though this Summer.

A good time to go I suppose - in such an abundance of Autumnal bounty. No lying there bloated with slowly clouding eyes. What perceptive powers they had! being as they were on either side of the head..........

No. Just GONE...

Ten year looking up and me looking down.

The other one gave that universal signal of hanging about `with nothing to do`

I bought a new one and as it slipped through the interface it looked up.

Was it seeing the eye of God - or perhaps its own distant relative looking down?

The Harvest Moon will have seen it all - when we were able to embrace in ages gone and swim silently in the enduring sea.

Death of a pond Goldfish. `Replaced` for £1.75p

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Ten years - Sensitivity with scales - rtj70

Welcome back oilrag.

Ten years - Sensitivity with scales - billy25

After the first sentence i had a sneaky feeling that i knew CL Grease from an earlier time when such eloquently styled ramblings were commonplace! - by the time i realised you were mourning the loss of a kipper, i knew it was you back in a different guise. Your name may have evolved over your period of abstinence, but your style has been trapped by the time/space continuum, and gives you away everytime! Then at the bottom of the post, i saw that RTJ had already sussed his (allegedly) old nemesis ;-) I think there may be some mind-bending, flowery-written tit-bit times ahead! yay! welcome back oily.

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Ten years - Sensitivity with scales - Avant

And there I was thinking that this wa a subtly-expressed musing on retiring from this and other forums and perhaps wishing you hadn't....and then I discover it's an ode t a deceased goldfish.

Younger daughter had them as a teenager: she had a theory that dead fish float. They don't - well, ours didn't anyway.

I hope, CL Grease, that you are indeed Oilrag reincarnated. If so, welcome back. It may be only a minority who are interested enough to turn to this section of the forum, but we are a discerning, and appreciative, minority!

Ten years - Sensitivity with scales - CL Grease

Hi Guy`s.

I`m actually in touch with OR - he suggested I take over here and stick to `Tech` (whoops ;-)

While he`s taken the allegedly `esoteric`wibblewobbly - into a stand alone blog - which compliments this site incidentally. (not the wibblewobble)

Best Regards, to all CL


Incidentally, I`m posting from a `dead` email address - given what happened - sorry about that.


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