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Rover 618 (T reg) - Stupidly inserted red key in ignition - roy777


I bought this car three days ago and since i moved it to clean it at the end of my road i have been unable to drive it anywhere. I know now that because i decided to use the red key that i have totally wiped out the memory of the black keys in the ECU. Is this correct?

I had an autolocksmith come out and look at it yesterday but he said the immobiliser is reading the black key. I have since been informed that the black keys need to be reprogrammed to the ECU, how do i now get this done? I have phoned a guy who had a T4 machine and he said that he could not touch the 600 series of Rovers as they have a honda accord engine - I thought all rovers had honda engines!!?

I am at a loss to know what to do, the autolocksmith said he thought it was a coincidence that the car failed after the insertion of the red key and that the red key did not do it!!? I find that very hard to believe and must be a totally mad coincidence that i have a mechanical problem brought on by inserting the red key!!!

Any help would be most appreciated




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