07 1.6 dampness/water leak into lhs boot - focus
Hi can anyone help please, my 07 1.6 LX Focus is great but just the other week i opened the hatch up and saw just under the black elastic strap on the black felt area on the left hand side (underneath the empty socket for a boot light) water droplets, i then pushed my hand higher up the felt and underneath the plastic which houses the hinge for the parcel shelf and it was damp.

After heavy rain it isn't soaking but just feels damp, a hell of a frustrating issue as other than this the car is ok. The service reception told me that the 3rd rear brake light fills with water and then runs round and down, think she was a little mixed up there.

I unscrewed the two screws that fix the rear LH side light clusters in place, I couldn't remove the lens but saw a load of dead leaf and grime trapped underneath the black plastic strip which houses the two screws, any one help please.

thanks to anyone out there.

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07 1.6 dampness/water leak into lhs boot - The Melting Snowman
There are two possibilities here.

1. When designing the Focus, some comedian thought it would be funny to design the hatch so that when you open it during wet weather, the water drips into the boot area. Nice one.

2. On some examples, I've found water can seep into the boot via one or both of the rearmost roof fixing points for the roof bars. If you never or rarely use roof bars, I would suggest getting some black or clear silicone and sealing the little plastic flaps up.
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I have found that my 2009 Focus is having the same problem....have you solved yours yet and if so how

Many thanks



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