99 1.6 exhaust manifold - grum1428
I am at my wits end and need somebody with the tried and tested info to assist me in obtaining a correct replacement part for the exhaust system.

My garage has stated that it is the exhaust manifold where the problem lay. They also state the manifold consists of one piece which is welded to a 'chamber' . Renault have quoted oner £450 pounds for this. I have spoken to and recieved a manifold from a parts renault specialist which does include the chamber and it has been guareenteed to fit/replace. WITHOUT this chamber the manifold sits about a foot away from the next section of the exhaust. The specialist has been re spoken to and advised of this but cannot offer an explanation but are willing to assist with the aid of photos( which are extremely difficult to take).

I need a replacement part and have the manifold with the flange on the end........... but it doesnt attach to ....................
99 1.6 exhaust manifold - grum1428
Sorry............ third line should read DOESNT INCLUDE THE CHAMBER
99 1.6 exhaust manifold - bathtub tom
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