00 1.0 Engine timing - Kaos3717
Ok here i go, I am a new driver and i know some stuff about cars but not everything, it all started with my car losing power at first , my first guess it was the battery, i checked it out at a garage and the guy said the battery is fine it might be my Alternator. After waiting around for some minutes i got bored and i thought that it might have something to do with my fuel tank, so i filled it up wid some Fuel Injection Fluid, Car was working fine after that.

So i also decided to check the engine anyways and i took it to a garage and he sprayed some spray thingy on my throttle boddy i think it was on my engine and it was like a circle thing that flaped up and down there was some grease on there so he cleaned it and sprayed it, car was working even better but on the rev meter my Throttle used to just spring up and down losly like there was no control. the rev meter just used to flip up wen it hit 20 or 30, i ignored that and started driving the garage guy sed it will be fine give it some time.

COuple of weeks after that the car was struggling to start in Cold tempretures and some Hot tempretures. it used to jerk and missfire like it was struggling to start? ignored that started driving couple of days after that Car Engine Oil light comes up. fill it up wid engine oil, Engline oil still comes up ? and i realised it only comes up wen my car is reving at a certain point. anyways ignored all of that now that car died just before new years day 2009, car would not start left it alone for couple of minutes car started now wen i put my throttle down there is no reaction to the engine there is not power or throttle or acceleration its lifeless? called the RAC he sed everything is fine the Throttle Cord is fine he thinks it might be something to do with timing? The AA came as well they said that there might be something wrong with the timing. In the Engine ECU i think that its just not sparking the Engine oil or fuel. what do i do?

I looked at this post and i am thinking should i change my Spark Plugs and check out my Air Filter ?


Please Help me as i do not want to sell this car

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00 1.0 Engine timing - Kaos3717
00 1.0 Engine timing - JohnM{P}
I'm not a mechanic, but until one of the more experienced BR's comes along...

Did the car suddenly loose power, or has the power loss been gradual?
Is the car misfiring, or just 'down on power'?

If you do not know when the plugs or air filter were changed, and don't know their condition, I would suggest checking them first.

When our 99 1.0 Lupo (similar engine I suspect) developed a misfire, it eventually turned out to be an ignition lead that had failed. There are different engine codes for the 1.0, with different leads; I had to order the lead (sold individually) from VW in the end as the local shops/factors didn't have the set for my engine code.
A misfire could also be due to the plugs or to the coil pack (easily reached and changed at the side of the engine). I've been told that as it works on the 'wasted spark' method, if there was a problem, 2 cylinders would be misfiring.

Regarding the oil light, in the very cold weather we've been having, any condensation/mayonnaise in the 1.0/1.4 VW engines can freeze and block the breather, causing loss of oil pressure, possibly oil blown out of dipstick, followed by engine failure if you are not quick. (See HJ Car-by-car). If the oil pressure light is coming on in non-freezing conditions, you need to get the oil pressure checked immediately to see if it is just a faulty pressure sensor or something more serious.

Not clear what your rev counter issue was; our car had a couple of days once where it was showing 2000rpm more that actual (eg tickover was shown as 3000rpm!). Problem went as suddenly as it came, no idea what caused it...

If the loss of power was more gradual, hopefully someone else will be able to comment.
00 1.0 Engine timing - Kaos3717
the i have lost the power gradually, himm im gunna check my air filter to see if there is anything wrong with it as well as my ignition wire see if that helps , also the car has been misfiring wen car is started but is fine afterwards

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00 1.0 Engine timing - Kaos3717

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