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Looking for 2 new tyres for the front (currently mix of GY Excellence Rear / Hydra grip Front)

Found out hydra grips discontinued ... was going to stick with them as quite like and do the rears when they need replacing (as keeps happening when I try to match up the fronts and rears, think they discontinue on purpose !)

Started researching and found out about 4 Season tyres..... particularly the Vredetein Quatrac 3

Most interesting but cant find much advice, their site says suitable for summer / winter use so sound ideal for the extra confidence in winter.

But retailers tells me have to replace all 4 ! rears still have 3mm ... 4 corners comes in at a shade under £300 ..... quite alot !

Usual tyre places telling me Prielli P6000 are an all season etc etc ...... not sure I believe them !

Any thoughts on mixing with rear normal UK tyres ? or experiences of the quadrac 3 ,wondering how they will wear considering not a full winter tyre.

or other suggestions

I sometimes I think the internet make choice more difficult, ahh the bliss of ignorance ......
01 1.9 All Season / 4 Season Tyres _ Surrey - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
As mentioned in a number of my posts, used Vredestein Quatrac 2 on my Passat Diesel Estate. Fronts only several times and all round once. Wear was the same as other brands/types (ie not very good) but drove well all year round. Excellent in snow.
01 1.9 All Season / 4 Season Tyres _ Surrey - daveyjp
Don't mix summer tyres and 4 season (mud and snow) tyres - first sign of a slippery surafce and you'll be all over the place.

If your rears have 3mm, now is probably a good time to change them. 3mm on snow is next to useless and once you get below 3mm stopping distances increase dramatically.

4 season tyrres usually have M&S stamped on them - P6000 aren't M&S rated.

01 1.9 All Season / 4 Season Tyres _ Surrey - gordonbennet
Haven't used the Quatrac 3's, but Quatrac 2's on daughters car all year round grip like the proverbial and wearing exceptionally well considering she drives like the devil himself, the new tyre is likely to be better imo.

Vredesteins take some beating anyway very underrated.

There seems to be a nice bonus to these winter oriented tyres, much softer ride than same size summers, very noticeable on my cars.
01 1.9 All Season / 4 Season Tyres _ Surrey - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
I actually used the above combinations and permutations of tyres. I was never "all over the place". The Vredesteins are good all round tyres and not extreme snow tyres.

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