High Mileage 3 Series - Paul McI
I am looking at the possibility of buying a high Mileage (90k) BMW 318i New Shape (E46) for about £13k cash. Is this a sensible thing to do? Everything I read says the new 3 Series is rock solid, but I will be doing about 10k miles a year, whereas this car, according to the FSH, did 25k miles in one period of 4 months. Snap it up or spend my money on something less prestigeous but still safe (2 young children).

This high mileage newish vs. low mileage older comes up every time I look at buying a new car.

Knowledgeable advise gratefully accepted.
Re: High Mileage 3 Series - Simon Whaites
I am in sinliar situation and have exactly the same dilema. Would the beemer be as reliable as another make nearly new? All opinions welcome pls.

Re: High Mileage 3 Series - Andrew Bairsto
I would not know if the price is correct for the UK.If it has proper service history then buy it .I bought my son a 1.6 coupe and has now done 200000km uses no oil and has given no problems exept for a leaky brake cylinder .I would also say that the built quality is far better than DB
regards Andy Bairsto
Re: High mileage vs low mileage, plus DB/MB? - Roger Jones
DB? Mercedes-Benz? I keep seeing odd snipes -- e.g. Sunday Telegraph last Sunday -- and wonder if it's just getting fashionable to take pot shots at MB or whether there is solid evidence of deteriorating build quality on the part of this legendary marque. For my part, I have to admit that it has surprised me that the doors on the two E320 Coupés I have owned have needed more force to close that those on my old Audi 100 and my current Golf VR6, but perhaps that's because they are so huge and there is nowhere for the air to get out easily.

As for high vs low mileage cars, HJ has always said go for a young high miler rather than an old low miler. I'm sure he's right, but the used-car market seems to think the exact opposite.
Re: High mileage vs low mileage, plus DB/MB? - Paul McI
I guess DB is Daimler Benz. I'm replacing an E240 Avantgarde lease car, so looking for solid German car but safe and at reasonable price. Can't wait 4 months for an import, otherwise might go new 3i8i SE at sub £18k.

E240 is solid, except for rust on boot lid and bonnet (S-Reg: Jan 99!) but dull and boring. Just need to know the high mileage 3 series will last. What's 200,000 km in real money - must be around 125k miles?
Re: High mileage vs low mileage, plus DB/MB? - Andrew Bairsto
correct.-I have just got rid of my C class 180 estate it was a reasonable motor but it had to have a total respray and rust was starting to reappear
Mercedes quality. - David Woollard
A great shame to hear of the Mercedes problems. As I mentioned on another thread I had hoped to have a middle aged turbo diesel estate one day. By the time they get to me they'll be shot.

The earlier cars must have been much better. Uncle has a 1985 200 series that he's owned for some 12 years and the body is mint.

Re: High mileage vs low mileage, plus DB/MB? - Andrew Bairsto
DB are having a big rust problem in Germany at the moment under the rubber door seals inside sills and doors rusting through,shoddy paintwork and generally poor built quality and it not doing there prestige anygood
Re: High Mileage 3 Series - Dave
Paul McI wrote:
> I am looking at the possibility of buying a high Mileage
> (90k) BMW 318i New Shape (E46) for about £13k cash.

Buy a brand new Ford Focus.

3 Series aren't a prestiege car anyway.
Re: High Mileage 3 Series - John Slaughter
Is it that cheap?

90k is a bit more than round the block, and at that sort of mileage the 'one off' problems start to show with alternators, suspension (bushes, dampers) etc. so you could start to be getting more than just the service bills. Also the 318 isn't that exiting. I've just bought a 2 year old 323 Coupe, 26k miles for £16k from a BMW dealer so it's got the warranty and all. It's the 'old' shape, but I looked at E46 series 318's but didn't fancy paying more for them.

(And before you all shout, I know I should have bought privately or gone to an auction and paid less, but it's the aggravation factor asociated with those routes!)


Re: High Mileage 3 Series - Ian Cook
Before you buy this check what the trade in price will be when it has done over 100K miles. In my experience this mileage is a psychological milestone that can affect prices dramatically.
Re: High Mileage 3 Series - honest john
See last auction news posting at www.honestjohn.co.uk. An S reg E46 318iSE in the right colour (silver) sold for £12,700 with a lot less miles than 90k

Re: High Mileage 3 Series - David Kirkham
I had a 99 318se from new. In the first 5000 miles it used four litres of oil. 'Quite normal....just bedding in' said the dealer. At 15,000 miles needed engine rebuild for new piston rings and big-end bearings
(all under warranty, although took one month as they stripped down the engine before they realised the parts were in back order).

It continued to use oil at 1 litre per 3000 miles which I found to be unnaccepable, considering my previous Mondeo used a teaspoonful in 60,000. As it was a lease car I was able to hand it back.

There were similar incidences with other 318s bought by my company. So just make sure you don't buy S 233 BPL.

Dave K

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