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97 1.5D Coolant refill - liteucantresist
Hey guys and girls

I'm hoping someone can put me straight, I'm getting conflicting information from different places.

Haynes and various others places have said that in order to ensure no airlock is in the system that a header tank has to be used for the refill and that this is quiet a tricky job to get right.

I have read in a couple of other places that there is no need for this as long as the bleed valve is opened to release the air as filled and that this engine (TUD5) is one of the easiest to refill.

Could someone please clarify this!? I'm getting very confused and concerned as to whether I should start this or not!! :-$

Thanks so much

97 1.5D Coolant refill - bell boy
if i remember correctly i jacked the car up so the header tank was up in the air and opened the bleed valve
i cant remember having a problem
97 1.5D Coolant refill - 659FBE
Unlike earlier PSA offerings the TUD5 is easy to fill. There is one bleed valve by the RH engine mount near the header tank. Have this open whilst you fill the system and close when coolant emerges.

Run the engine with the cap off and check that coolant flows from the head degas pipe into the tank when the engine speed is increased above idle. Replace cap and allow system to pressurise. Stop engine and finally vent system using the pressure within the system.

I have found this last point to be important as the water pump can draw air through the bleed valve if the engine is running.

Once vented, this engine remains clear of air because both the cylinder head and the radiator have small bore degas pipes to the header tank. PSA actually learned that many of their earlier engines were wrecked by poor cooling system design - they got it right on the TUD5.

97 1.5D Coolant refill - hapnin

can you help me please, im inending on changing the radiator myself (givin it a go) n im fairly confident except im told there should be a bleed valve on the thermostat that i need to open with an allen key but i ant seem to find that one at all, i know where it is on the petrol engines but when i look on the 1.5 diesel i cant see it anywhere.

do u know where i might find this, any pics would be helpful.

or is there any way i can do it only opening the valve on the radiator and the other 1 that looks like a tyres dust cap?

97 1.5D Coolant refill - 659FBE

Follow the instructions in my post above - exactly.

There is only one coolant vent point, as detailed.



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