02 2.0 Engine stalls a few seconds after starting - nrobbert
I am hoping someone has seen this or can give me some further ideas as I am running out!!

My Focus has started to stall about 5 seconds after being started. It starts perfectly and runs fine, but it cuts out just as though it has been turned off. No lights come on until the revs drop enough for the battery light comes on. It starts again perfectly on the next turn of the key. It appears to simply need an ECU reset as I can actually keep the revs at about 2000 (it doesn't matter how many revs I have - it still stalls!) and as soon as it cuts out, just switching the key to ACC and back to IGN quickly before the revs die, it will catch again for another 5 seconds.

It is logging the P0351 and P0352 Ignition coil faults, but I have swapped coils and HT leads and it didn't help. I have measured the voltage to the coil power feed during this stall (min-hold multimeter) and it never drops below 14V (until the revs drop), so all the fuses and relays seem to be okay.

Any suggestions? I will probably try changing the crank position sensor (what else does the ECU listen to!) but I assume that there is a DTC for a faulty crank sensor. After that, it is probably time to try a new ECU :(

Once I have started the engine about 10 times, it will stay on and I can make my journey, usually with no issues. Occasionally, it happens mid-journey but I just repeat this procedure and it clears itself. Once the engine starts and stays on, there is usually a solid mechanical click (sounding like the AC pulley engaging, but I don't have the AC on), and the engine cooling fans come on, but I am not sure if this is normal as I can't recall whether the engine fans came on that early before all the problems (I don't think so!).

It has been in to two garages, but they can only get as far as me, and then want to just replace everything until it is cured, but that would get too expensive.

Any suggestions gratefully received, as I am running out of things to check! This is just strange!



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02 2000 Engine stalls a few seconds after starting - lez tech
we had a very simmilar (in fact identical) problem with a v plate golf, and after exactly the same attempts at fixing it, fuel filters, etc etc, it turned out to be the immobiliser, a stupid little fault, have you had any glitches with central locking?
we replaced imobiliser after getting vw service to refund all other attempts to fix it, and this problem only showed up when it was hooked up to vw europe on a wire, i know its a different car all together, but the problem is identical.......

good luck
02 2000 Engine stalls a few seconds after starting - nrobbert
Thanks for the suggestion!

I had a similar thought and wrapped the key in foil with only the metal shaft poking through to simulate a security issue. I was hoping to see if it failed after a few seconds if that was when the security was checking. It seems that the Focus security system prevents any crank at all if it can't talk to the key.

Something like that must be switching it off in response to a certain set of inputs (or lack of) - it runs fine before and after, just turns off!


02 2000 Engine stalls a few seconds after starting - lez tech
yeah, thats what i thought, and it confused the "skilled" mechanics at my local vw garage, however it turned out to be an electronic glitch in the imobbilser, so it did allow it to start and run for a bit, then seemed to lose touch with the key. i feel your frustration!
02 2.0 Engine stalls a few seconds after starting - Statia
I have a 2000 2.0L Focus and had similar problems to yours, including over-revving. It took me a couple of years to get to the bottom of it, but the only thing that fixed it proper was replacing the throttle position sensor.

02 2.0 Engine stalls a few seconds after starting - cspeakman
Hi Nick

Have you managed to resolve the problem?

I was driving yesterday and my 02 Focus suddenly started badly misfiring and wanted to stall.

I had the RAC look at it once I got home and the engine management report said it was the ignition coil. The RAC man replaced the coil along with the lead and plugs (as he said these are generally what would cause the coil to fail). Once everything was replaced the problem was still there! This annoyed the RAC man (he was a really nice guy) and he rechecked everything. Satisfied that he had done everything right he took all of the new items back out as the problem was not the coil. He didnt charge me anything but suggested that the only thing left which could throw out an Ignition Coil malfunction code was the ECU and suggested taking it to a garage.

I am just concerned now that a garage is going to go to town on my car and I will be left with a horrendous bill.

Any advice would be gratefully received.




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