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05 1.6 Diagnostic Codes explanation - Matthew_J_King
A recent diagnostic test (Dealer) produced the following. Any further explanation and idication of cost please (Dealer/non)? There was exhaust work at last Service.

17887 P1479 008, Brake vacuum system, Mechanical malfunction
18320 P1912 001, Brake Booster Pressure Sensor -G294-, Open / short to B+
18528 P2096 002, Bank1, Lambda correction downstream of catalyst, lean exceeded

I've always used a trusted Dealer for servicing so far and seems reasonable faults for age&milesage but see previous fix, below. Am I in for a surprise or is this 'known fault'?

History - original Cat replaced under warranty. Shortly before the last long distance service the Emission light came on (but didn't blink). After a few days the Engine Management light came on and car went into limp mode. Had Service immediately. Warning lights were no longer on and I didn't pay for anything directly related. But there was no 'work under warranty' paperwork either so there is NO RECORD OF PREVIOUS EXHAUST FIX.

Context - 3.5 years old, 77k miles, ~100miles/day - mainly motorway, mainly 95 Ron Shell.
05 1.6 Diagnostic Codes explanation - Number_Cruncher
I would be looking for vacuum leaks - big ones!. Check the vacuum pipe for the brake servo to make sure it's in good condition, and are its fittings in good order.

05 1.6 Diagnostic Codes explanation - Matthew_J_King
Cheers Number_Cruncher

The Dealer admits there has been a TPL(known fault) on the exhaust issue. They want £52 for 30 mins to investigate further.
- I pay them to find investigate faults??? I guess it's labour but don't they expect to spend time anyway?
- Isn't £104/hour steep even for a Dealer? They've always been good when I was still in warranty though.
They 'say' they'll "look into" goodwill depending on what they find.

If they want more than £10 for a brake servo vacuum pipe then I'm off!
05 1.6 Diagnostic Codes explanation - nickbottomley
I have a Golf very similar in age and mileage and got the fault P1479 and P1403. Not how bad these conditions are and what the cost is going to be or is this a common fault for Golfs of this age and mileage??

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