05 2.0tdci smoking and lumpy idling - chriswspongecake
Help, having a problem with a 2.0tdci mk2 focus. When starting from cold the idling is very lumpy for a couple of minutes accompanied by a fair bit of white smoke, plus there appears to be a very slight ?diesel/?oil leak on the top of the cylinder head next to the big plastic manifold thing (I've no idea what it is). Once the engine is warmed up a bit more it is mostly fine (tiny bit of idling lumpiness detectable occaisonally)

I've seen various references to suggest this might be injector issue/glow plug issue but can't imagine this would account for the slight leak or that it seems ok when warmed up. Alternatively I've seen a suggestion of the head gasket, would this be right on a car with 72,000 miles on it??

Any advice appreciated, having only had the car two weeks I'm already not happy with the main dealer service and now the car itself isn't right


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05 2.0tdci smoking and lumpy idling - MikeTorque
The oil leak may be a gasket leaking and the white smoke is not good. Take it back to the dealer you purchased it from, if it came with a warranty then they should fix this type of problem under warranty, you may need to be firm with the dealer if they start playing you up.

A head gasket can go anytime if there is a weakness of some sort or there is slight metal distortion. 75k is higher than average mileage for an 05 reg, some things start to get tired and fail with the higher mileage.

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