00 1.5 Front NS door won't unlock - Freewheel
We have a Nissan Almera 1.5SE 5 door which has been faultless to drive and run over the last 4 years of ownership.

BUT the doors on the nearside have recently started playing up, by that I mean staying locked even when unlocked by central locking, and refusing to open. This has now happened on the front passenger door, which is proving to be a pain, as I could live with the back sticking locked.

The only other thing that is worse which also happens to both nearside doors in the last 4 months is that they also stick UNLOCKED.

Anyone else experienced this, or can anyone offer advice? (I've checked the main car battery, and the remote RCL works perfectly on all other doors.)

Thank you.

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00 1.5 Front NS door won't unlock - Freewheel
Still stuck - any ideas guys? Is there a combination of key turning in ignition and locking that might help?
00 1.5 Front NS door won't unlock - bathtub tom
Have you tried this site? They may well have more specialist knowledge:

00 1.5 Front NS door won't unlock - wmathias


I've got exactly the same problem, but with the drivers door.

Any thoughts?


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