01 2.0 diesel; inlet manifold failure - paulc924
I understand that the manifolds on 320 diesels are known to fail causing much damage to engines. I believe that some folks modify their own but I would like to know if a dealer replacement manifold is improved over the original and whether the ecu will need attention when it is fitted. Regards

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01 2.0 diesel; inlet manifold failure - former farmer
It is probably worth going to bmwland.co.uk for more information on this subject, as there are countles threads and replies on this matter.

Are you referring to the early face-lift 320ds from approx late 2001 onwards?

There definitely seems to be a problem in this area, though I understand the later 2004 and early 2005s, until replaced by the E90, were much better. I certainly hope so, as I have recently purchased one of the last E46 320d.
01 2.0 diesel; inlet manifold failure - injection doc
The weakness relates to the progressive butterfly flaps fitted in the manifold. basically they vibrate apart & the engine trys to digest them & if one lodges itself under a valve the engine self distructs!
Many manufactures use this design & its an inherent weakness on most. Mercs were really prone to this at one time & it got so bad you couldn't even get a replacement manifold!
01 2.0 diesel; inlet manifold failure - Pugugly
Sorted on post 03 (I think) BMWs though.
01 2.0 diesel; inlet manifold failure - paulc924
Thank you for your replies. The car was made in Feb 2002 and has ingested a flap. I have read the thread on BMW land and it is a bigger problem than I first thought. It is hard to justify a new manifold at £350 if it has flaps that are no better. Regards.


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