05 2.7 Water leak taking out electrics - TMD
My 2005 A6 Avant just suffered a complete MMI failure - two months out of warranty.
Audi Dealer traced to water in front footwell taking out the telephone control unit. Gonna cost about £1,200 to fix. Dealer mumbled about possible water ingress through "plenun chamber"

Dealer is going to ask Audi UK for a goodwill gesture - but I don't hold out much hope. Interestingly my extended warranty (with Tesco's) doesn't cover water damage. Neither does Audi's for that matter.

Is this a known fault, and surely Audi must take some responsibility for such a leak on a supposed quality car with only 30K on the clock? I would be interested in other peoples' experience so I know how hard to fight with Audi.

Feedback most welcome!
05 2.7 Water leak taking out electrics - Hamsafar
It's a very well known fault, and can also cause brake faults or even failure, Audi have made goodwill payments to some people who have suffered this.
05 2.7 Water leak taking out electrics - adverse camber
especially worth persuing if the dealer serviced it and damaged/incorrectly replaced the cover on the pollen filter.

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