Trailer tyres - dxp55
My trailer is in need of some new tyres - it has mini hubs on which originally had 10" wheels - I have some 12" metro wheels and tyres on it now but I have spent this afternoon going through all the tyre suppliers and no one came up with any 165/65 x12 -- are they a discontinued size - if not does anyone know where I can get some from -- I dare say my local tyre depot would be able to source some but it would be handy to have an idea on price.

Trailer tyres - Pugugly
Probably better off getting a pair of wheels and tyres from a scrappie.
Trailer tyres - oldnotbold
145 70 R12 is a common Mini tyre size.
Trailer tyres - gordonbennet
Camskills are showing 165/60 x 12 and 165/70 x 12.

The latter are very cheap and i would have thought as there's only the slightest difference in circumference these would do fine.

I imagine you are on car tyres and not reinforced van tyres at the moment, if you do need reinforced they do a 155/70 x 12, but a lot more expensive.
Trailer tyres - dxp55

Thank you for that - as usual the only site I missed. - I am on car tyres as it's a small trailer -and existing tyres have suffered in the sun.
Trailer tyres - bathtub tom
Many years ago, I had a bubble car with 4.00x8 scooter tyres. It used to wear them flat quite quickly (scooters lean and had tread up the sides). I was offered some very knobbly tyres one winter. They wore even quicker, I suspect they were wheelbarrow tyres!

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