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Used prices up - tawse
Interesting - a couple of dealers I have been keeping an eye on suddeny dropped the prices of their secondhand low mileage 2007 diesel CRVs to a fiver short of 15K sometime around October time, about the time same time that the World was in global financial meltdown. Various models, various colours.

Checking last night, they have now put these back up to around 18 or 19K.

One can only assume that they are anticipating a flood of CRV buyers come the New Year or perhaps are using the weak Pound as an excuse - hang on, is Swindon in a foreign country?

I would have thought, if anything, the price of these would have kept on dropping?
Used prices up - jbif
... perhaps are using the weak Pound as an excuse - hang on, is Swindon in a foreign country?

Are all the components of the Honda CR-V are made in the UK?

Even if that is true, remember that the Honda parent company wants profits in £ converted to Yen in Japan.

A year ago, for every £1 profit in the UK, Mr Honda converted it to 225 Yen in Japan.
Today, his £1 profit in the UK only converts to 136 Yen in Japan.

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Used prices up - tawse
I hear what you are saying HJ but the fields full of new Hondas around Wilts would need a huge upturn in sales before they empty and there looks little chance of that happening in the next year.

The UK population is in debt up to the eyeballs so even if Brown makes credit available to car companies I doubt that people will be thinking of buying a car when they have so many other bills to pay.

I will report back if I see them reduced again in a January 'sale'. :-)
Used prices up - carl_a
Not so sure about useds prices going up, the New Jazz you can already buy pre-reg with an advertised £650 discount (if not a lot more when doing a deal)

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