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87 sovereign with air con. The heater fan switch has 3 positions, HIGH MED LOW (and OFF of course) On mine the fan used to be perfect on the LOW position and was too noisy on MED and HIGH. Thus I never use the "auto" position. For some reason the fan now runs at MED speed whether the switch is on LOW or MED. (HIGH still works normally.) It does the same even on "auto" ie: it starts very fast and gradually slows till the right temp is reached but never goes below the MED speed. This is annoying and totally spoils listening to the radio etc. Does anyone know how to fix this without spending a fortune? I presume it is computer controlled..... I had thought of putting a resistance in the feed to the fan making MED the equivalent of low and HIGH the equivalent of med. Also where is the fan? Haynes does not say. Any help greatly appreciated.
Re: old jag heater fans - Andrew Hamilton
General point about fans. I know from computer fans they can offer a quieter replacement fan that offers the same output with the same external dimension. If you are going to put a variable resistor in first measure the current taken. This will affect the rating of the resistor.
If Low does not work the switch may be faulty. I get my electrics from maplins but they may not have an exact size replacement. Perhaps try scrapyard for new switch?
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If I remember there is a resister bank near the fan,What has happened is the slow resister has failed and it then takes the next one .I should imagine gettig to it on a Jaguar is no mean feat.Try the Jag owners club they where always very helpfull when
I rebuilt a MKII.
One e.g. is my Citroen XM (my fourth)the resister bank is prone to failure not to much of a job to change with your feet in the air and head under the dash.But Citroen only supply the complete unit at a cost of some 70 UK pounds whereas the resisters can be bought for around a fiver.
Regards Andy Bairsto
Re: old jag heater fans - richard turpin
ANDREW and ANDREW thanks very much for your help. I suspected about £70 plus from main dealer. I was going to put a fixed resistance in, since the car is not worth spendiong any money on, but IT FIXED ITSELF. After 2 days of being broken! I just hope it will last.
Thanks again, Richard.

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